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Dallas Personal Chef

Chef Cheryl is a Dallas personal chef who specializes in Mediterranean cuisines. Chef Cheryl has been serving the Dallas metroplex for over a decade customizing meal plans for her clients. Chef Cheryl can tailor any meal plan to her clients need whether it is weight loss, food allergies, or food intolerance. Whether you need a meal plan and cook for a day, a week, or throughout the year, Chef Cheryl can do it all.

  • About Chef Cheryl

    Chef Cheryl grew up in North Texas. Her love affair with food began as a child in her Mother's kitchen preparing great southern dishes passed down from generations.

  • Menu

    Fast food doesn't have to be junk food! Below is just a sampling of our menu choices. We also have special diet plans for: Weight loss Food allergies Food intolerances Healthy maintenance

  • Services

    Dinner Shouldn't Be A Workout! Meal service Imagine coming home to a refrigerator full of chef-cooked meals prepared just for you. No more grocery lines, no more scurrying to get dinner on the table, and no more take out!


“We are loving your choices and dishes. This week was even better than last. I made particular notes in the book. Thank you–again and again. In addition to being a true culinary artist, the service you provide me makes my life so much more manageable. I appreciate it.” Andrea R

“Hooray for you! I am loving it. Your falafel is simply sublime, you know! I am not ready to declare a favorite yet, but I am keeping notes. Thank you!” Nancy C